Climbing Tree

One of the most popular features at Riverside Hub is the huge unique indoor 10 metre high oak tree. Anyone can have a go, from a small child to an adventurous granddad. 

Please note the climbing tree will be closed for maintenance from Monday 20th February to Friday 24th February.

There are three different routes Ė easy, medium and hard. On the way up you will discover various Ďachievement pointsí hidden in the tree trunk as you climb. 

 You donít need any previous climbing experience, as there are foot and hand holds all the way up to the top. You will be supervised, wearing a safety harness and secured to a professional climbers belay, so you will be completely safe as you climb. 

There is no extra charge to use the climbing tree. On school days the climbing tree is open for use from 3pm. Outside of school times the tree is always available to climb - just make sure that someone is standing by with a camera to record your heroics!

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